Blanca Giménez


    Current project > Seasons of Media Arts. City of participative visions

    A city in keeping with the times is subject to constant – if invisible – change as thousands of data streams are created, captured, and distributed every day. The rise of the »smart city« phenomenon raises important questions: What kind of future city do we want and what is our position within it? How can we influence the urban landscape through new digital technologies, data streams, and information? What happens to all the data collected in our smart cities by sensors and smart technologies?

    Possible social effects of the emergence of a »digitally connected city« will be made tangible at various locations in the city by means of augmented and virtual reality works, as well as interactive and media art installations. In association with local groups, internationally active media artists will transform the city of Karlsruhe into a place of participative visions within the framework of Seasons of Media Arts.


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